Allen Car Care Center
Business Type
General Automotive Repair Shop
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Logo + Social Media and Stationery Designs
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Keeping you moving...

Concept 1 features the side view of a sedan, with a wheel base formed by a wrench for immediate recognition of an auto repair shop in the eye's of your target audience. Designed as a complete branding system - the full logo seen here is accompanied by an additional "A" variation (see below) to allow for consistent brand recognition in smaller use cases that don't require the full logo, such as a business page's profile image or supplemental marketing materials.


Elegent and sharp...

Concept 2 features a negative space design of the front-view of a sedan above a custom word-mark where the negative space in the Allen "E" contains a wrench. The full design is wrapped in a gear shape providing weight, balance and stability to the overall design.


Simple and clean...

Concept 3 is a recognizable word-mark logo featuring rally stripes to complete the letter A in Allen. Bold and sharp, this wordmark is designed to convey honor, integrity and quality. In small spaces, the stripes with the A alone will maintain consistent brand recognition amongst customers. If your style prefers the simplistic route - this logo would be a great option for Allen Car Care Center.

Below, you will find mockups and color variations. Keep in mind - we're happy to play around with different designs, colors, fonts and layouts to come to the perfect logo design conclusion to represent Allen Car Care Center.




-"Rally" Variations-

-Stationery Designs-

Business Cards
Full Stationery
Allen Car Care mockup
Social Media Cover