Richland Dental Center
Business Type
Dentist Office -
Project type
Logo Design + Social Media & Stationery
Project year

"Eli's Sketch"

Based on the sketch...

Our first design is based purely on the sketch that was provided. The "L" in Richland is sideways, formed by the toothbrush and the top of the "a". We weren't sure if you did that intentionally, but it was clever and a great conversation starter - so we ran with it. We hope you like our rendition of your creation! (an "l" can be implemented if you choose to do so)

"Local Signage"

Fit in with neighboring business...

This design is based on your neighboring business's design. By matching their style, the complex delivers a cohesive vibe. We're presenting in blue to convey trust in your target audience, and match the surrounding businesses.


The modern logo design approach...

This third design is a simple, geometric, and recognizable logo mark that can easily be used in single-color, small-size pixel formats ideal for websites and and social media icons.

Below, you will find mockups and color variations. Keep in mind, we're happy to play around with different colors, fonts and layouts to come to the perfect logo design conclusion to represent Richland Dental Center.

"Eli's Sketch"

"Local Signage"



Full Stationery

Richland Stationery Mockup

Business Card

Social Media Banner

New Business Card